How to upload a product to Online Vision Digital Store?

by admin in How To, Training, Tutorial on August 26, 2023

Product upload in a digital store is very much important. Here we provides a clear and concise guide for vendors seeking to showcase their products on this digital store. This blog post details the step-by-step process to the product management dashboard to crafting compelling product listings that resonate with potential customers. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced seller, this blog post summary serves as a primer for navigating the Online Vision Digital Store’s product upload process, ensuring your offerings gain visibility in the bustling world of online commerce.

Login as Vendor on Online Vision Digital Store. You will find “Ad Product” options in the left side menu.

Click on “Add Product”

“Create New Product” page will appear.

Add your product in this page:

  1. Write your product title in “Product Title” box
  2. Product Category: Select your product category which best match in your product i.e., Software, WordPress Plugin, Facebook Tools, Graphics, etc.
  3. Product Description: Write details description in “Product Description” section. You can use product images, graphs, videos, and all information about your product.
  4. Featured Image: Click on “Upload Featured Image” and upload your product image. You can upload only one image as featured image. Image size 720 x 480 pixels. File format .jpg or .png
  5. Video Url: You can upload your video or YouTube video url here.
  6. File URL: Most important issues here. Upload the file which you want to deliver (Zip file, Video file, Image file, etc.) Or add your product link (if your product uploaded in Google Drive or Cloud). You can upload 64MB file size directly. If your file size more than 64MB, please upload the file on Google Drive or Cloud (if you have), then copy the link and add here.
  7. Pricing: There are two options in pricing – (i) Name of Price Option: Corel VideoStudio Ultimate 2020 (Examples) and (ii) Amount (s): $97.00 (Exampls)
  8. Tags: Add your product tags. Separated tags using (,) comma.
  9. Save Draft: You can save your product for submit or publish latter.
  10. Submit: Review each field and click on “Submit” button.

After Click on “Submit” button you will get an email from Online Vision Digital Store

Online Vision Digital Store team will review and approve product submission shortly and you will be notified via email as soon as they approve your product.

Now you can view your uploaded products in your dashboard. Just click on “Products” menu from left menu.

The significance of product uploading on the Online Vision Digital Store cannot be overstated. It serves as the crucial gateway through which vendors present their offerings to a vast and diverse online audience. Effective product uploading is the foundation of successful e-commerce, as it directly impacts how potential customers perceive and engage with your products. By meticulously crafting product listings with high-quality images, detailed descriptions, and accurate categorization, vendors can capture the attention of their target audience and establish credibility. A well-executed product upload enhances discoverability, making it easier for customers to find and explore your offerings amidst the store’s extensive catalog. Moreover, precise product information and transparent pricing build trust, fostering positive customer experiences and encouraging repeat business. Ultimately, recognizing the importance of proper product uploading on the Online Vision Digital Store sets the stage for driving sales, cultivating brand reputation, and thriving in the competitive online marketplace.

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