How to get affiliate link to promote from online vision digital store?

by admin in How To, Training, Tutorial on August 27, 2023

This comprehensive guide is tailored for beginners who want to learn the ropes of affiliate marketing. Discover the step-by-step process to obtain your unique affiliate links, enabling you to effectively market the store’s digital products while earning a commission. From signing up for the affiliate program to optimizing your promotional strategies, this post provides actionable insights to kick-start your affiliate journey with the Online Vision Digital Store. Whether you’re a blogger, social media influencer, or website owner, this guide empowers you to harness the potential of affiliate marketing and generate income through promoting digital products.

Step by step process to get Affiliate link:

  1. Open the Online Vision Digital Store website:
  2. Click on “Affiliate” Menu or open
  3. Login your account

Now you can view your Affiliate Dashboard

Click on “Affiliate URLs

Now you are in Affiliate URLs area

  1. Your Custom slug: A custom affiliate slug allows you to have a unique referral URL using your chosen slug.
  2. Referral URL: Share your referral URL with your audience to earn commission.
  3. Referral URL generator: (i) If you want to create individual products affiliate URL, open the store in a new tab. Choose and open the product which you want to promote. You will find a the product URL in address bar (Example: Copy the link and paste it in “Page URL” box. You can see a new referral link generated in “Generated referral URL” box. (ii) You can promote all stores or an individual category’s products. In this case open the store or open a specific product category, you can see stores or category product link in address bar. Copy the link and paste it in “Page URL” box. Your referral link generated in “Generated referral URL” box. Promote and Share this URL with your audience.
  4. Campaign name: Enter an optional campaign name to help track performance.

In conclusion, acquiring affiliate links to promote products from the Online Vision Digital Store opens up a world of earning potential for individuals looking to monetize their online platforms. By following the outlined steps, you can seamlessly navigate the process of joining the affiliate program, obtaining your unique links, and implementing effective promotional strategies. Remember, success in affiliate marketing takes time and effort, so stay patient and persistent. As you build a genuine connection between your audience and the products offered by the Online Vision Digital Store, you’ll not only generate commissions but also contribute to the growth of the store’s customer base. So, go ahead and put these insights into action, and may your affiliate marketing journey be both profitable and rewarding.

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