General Questions:

Yes, it’s free to join and to use. Besides this we offer you completely free customer service and advanced reporting system. Affiliates don’t pay any fees. Only Vendors pay 1 -3 USD fee for every transaction.

If you are a vendor and want to sell your products via Online Vision Digital Store marketplace you only need to have Paypal or Bank account to receive payments from your customers. You will also be able to pay commissions to your affiliates using Paypal or Skrill. In addition, you might use your, Worldpay or Google Checkout accounts to collect payments from your customers. If you are an affiliate and want to promote products from the marketplace – you will only need to have Paypal, Skrill or Payoneer accounts in order to receive your earned commissions.

Online Vision Digital Store aims to help both vendors and online marketers to achieve success. So both vendors and affiliates will benefit from using Online Vision Digital Store. There is the list of most common benefits to others Online Vision Digital Store has:

  • Sell or promote whatever product you like – digital, material or subscription based
  • Unlimited number of products per one single account
  • Receive up to 95 % commissions per sale
  • Built-in affiliate network and a marketplace
  • Use PayPal or Skrill to receive payments
  • Unique referral link system protecting you from unfair affiliates – your commissions won’t be stolen
  • Free customer support including a direct contact form, a support forum and constant updated FAQs
  • Advanced Reporting System provides you with all the information about your current progress – track sales, conversions, best converting keywords, profit, refunds for each product you sell or promote
  • Ability to provide your affiliates with promotional materials such us banners, text ads etc.
  • Online Vision Digital Store is free to join and free to use.
  • Online Vision Digital Store was built with the end user in mind – so it’s very easy and convenient
    To find even more advantages of Online Vision Digital Store visit Vendor Program page and Affiliate Program page.

If you cannot find the answer to your question below, try to use our forum or contact us directly using contact form. Your request will be answered within two business days.

Online Marketplace Questions:

Yes, of course! Just enter the marketplace and click on the desired product’s name – within few seconds you will be redirected to the product’s sales page and you will be able to buy a product.

In order to submit your product to the Marketplace, first you need to sign up and log into Online Vision Digital Store members area. Click on “Vendors” section. Right under you will see a smaller submenu – click on ‘Add product’. You will be taken to a page with a few steps and asked to fill your product’s information. Just fill in all the required information and once you are done you will have your product added to Online Vision Digital Store system. Then add a provided BUY NOW button codes to your website. From now on you will be able to sell your product! Your product will appear on the Marketplace after you make your the first sale.

It’s easy to join! Just browse the Marketplace and find the products which interest you. Once you have found a right one, click on a ‘Promote’ link. The new small window will appear with your own unique html code. Place this code on your website and direct the visitors to this link. Once your referred visitor buys a product, you will get an affiliate commission! Note: If you are not logged into Online Vision Digital Store members area, you will be asked to do this before you can create your own affiliate link. Some vendors might require to manually approve affiliates. In this case you will have to click on ‘Apply’ button and wait a little bit before you can promote a product.

When you add your product to sell on Online Vision Digital Store, you will be asked to choose the categories during the product addition steps. You don’t need to choose the categories separately. If you decide to change the categories that your product is listed in, you might easily do this by editing the existing product’s settings.

We have created our own formula for ranking products on the Marketplace. The better performing products will always rank higher. The ranking formula takes into consideration product’s conversion rates, refund rates, number of successful sales, popularity between affiliates and other factors.

You might have successfully added your product to the system, but it won’t appear on the Marketplace until you make the first product sale. Once the first product sale is made, the product will appear on the Marketplace and all members will be able to see it.

Vendors Questions:

In contrast to other affiliate vendor processors Online Vision Digital Store offers you unlimited number of products for one free account. You don’t even have to pay to activate this feature!

Each vendor will pay a different commission rate for selling its products – up to 95% of the product’s price. The commission rate is set by each vendor individually. The commission rates are shown for each product in the Marketplace.

Online Vision Digital Store payments work on monthly basis. You will have to pay your affiliates within 21 days after the end of the month.

You can easily pay your affiliates via ‘Payments’ page in your members area. You will find there all detailed information about the payments you need to make. Just click on ‘Pay’ buttons and fill in the required forms to pay.

Of course you can. Your account can be used both for selling and promoting unlimited number of products. You can also participate in Online Vision Digital Store referral program and get paid every time a member referred by you makes a sale. Learn more at Online Vision Digital Store Referral Program page.

Once you have successfully added a product to the system, the “TEST BUY” button will appear near it. Click on this button to test the transaction process. During this test you will see if there are any errors in the product purchase process and verify that your buyers receive it successfully.

Affiliate Questions:

All affiliates are welcome! We operate worldwide, so whatever your country is – you can join Online Vision Digital Store! Just sign up and start earning money. The only requirement for affiliates is to have a Paypal, Skrill or Payoneer account in order to receive payments. To find out more please visit the Online Vision Digital Store Affiliate Program page.

It’s simple! Let’s say you promote a product which costs 40 USD and a vendor offers 60% of commissions for affiliates. So you will receive:
40 USD * 0.60 = 24 USD for each sale
Note: the actual sum of 24USD will be slightly lower, because Paypal and Skrill charge their own fees once you receive a payment.

You will receive your affiliate commissions directly into your Paypal, Skrill or Payoneer account once a vendor pays you.

You will receive your commissions within 3 weeks after the end of each month.

In contrast to other affiliate vendor processors Online Vision Digital Store offers you an unlimited number of products for one free account. Just select and promote as many products as you like!

Tracking Report Questions:

Each affiliate is given a unique affiliate URL code to place on a website or other traffic source. When visitors are directed to a vendor’s website via an affiliate URL, a special cookie is placed into a visitor’s browser. So whenever the same visitor comes back to the vendor’s product website and makes a purchase – the system recognizes that and all the commissions will be credited to an affiliate who referred the buyer.

Once someone referred by you makes a purchase your account will instantly be credited and you will see your income immediately.

Online Vision Digital Store offers you to use unique advanced affiliate programs reporting system which will easily show you which products generate the most sales for your account – just click on the Sales and Transactions reports to find all the details.

The Online Vision Digital Store reporting system places a special emphasis on conversion tracking since conversion rate is one of the most important type of data in Internet marketing. Our advanced Conversion reports can show you conversion rates for different products, different keywords and even different traffic sources! In addition you can measure your website’s traffic quality by finding out what websites or search engines buyers come from and which of your Pay-Per-Click campaigns bring you the most traffic.

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